Who We Are

Sophie 'Ellen Utley' is an award winning Interior Designer constantly inspired through observation. Experience covers the technicalities of heritage design and kitchen design, on top of interior design studies. Awards highlight success in Sustainability, Innovation and Service.

Choices affect our health including the air within our spaces and mental health. Sustainability can be applied to any style of design. As a member of  the Listed Property Owners Club, history and the in-keeping of design is a strong value also.

This easily navigated design process ensures that clients are provided with a sanctuary which improves life, personalised to individual lifestyles.


From start to finish of my garage conversion I received friendly, honest and professional advice. I would highly recommend for efficiency and high standard. The input shows an excellent eye for details. I’m looking forward to my kitchen renovation.

What Sets Us Apart


Ellen Utley Interiors is built on strong foundations of sustainable values. Expert packages focus on designing to suit individuals. Meanwhile social, economic and environmental factors of sustainability are followed continuously. Clients are in full receipt of the health benefits of a healthy home.


The consultation and project management is easy to use. We save Clients time through asking pertinent questions and disseminating this throughout your project. Clients keep to their budget utilising our techniques, experience, supplier discounts and set fees. Investing in our support provides innovation with attention to detail, ease and enjoyment.


Ellen Utley has also studied the interior design encompassing history. With experience designing and project managing listed property, along with the necessary heritage consents, we fully understand how to make the process smoother. Nurturing the characterful buildings whilst ensuring practicality comes as second nature to us.