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Who We Are

Sophie Ellen Utley is the founder and award-winning principle designer of Ellen Utley Interiors.

When you first meet Sophie please do not be surprised to see her turn up on a motorbike! We believe in sustainability and connection to nature and motorcycles provide both.

Backed with over 10 years worth of design experience and a 1st Class Degree in Interior Design, this business is centred on values that make sure you are happy and your lifestyle is healthy.

Experience covers the technicalities of heritage design and kitchen design. Awards have been achieved as recent as 2021, highlighting success in Sustainability, Innovation and Service.

Design improves your life through your emotional and physical wellbeing.

What Sets Us Apart


Our company has real sustainable values, not greenwashing but a true passion for doing the right thing. Social, economic and environmental factors of sustainability are incorporated into the company choices and advice given. Clients are in full receipt of the health benefits of a healthy home.


The service is transparent and trustworthy. Fees and expenses are costed upfront. We do not make money on your products. We therefore remain completely impartial towards product choices ensuring you get exactly what you need.


With experience designing and project managing listed property, along with the necessary heritage consents, we fully understand how to make the process smoother. Nurturing the characterful buildings whilst ensuring practicality comes as second nature to us, listed or not.


A very professional service, Sophie really listened and completely understood my needs, taste & style. My home has been completely transformed, I am thrilled with the result. I would highly recommend Ellen Utley interiors to help you achieve your dream home / space.