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Step 1 | Consultation

Complimentary chat about your brief providing exact costs to help budget. This could be as small three rooms at a time all the way to a fully designed home, hotel or restaurant with recommendations on shopping and project management support.

An initial briefing visit is costed at a reduced rate of £80. We will get to know your requirements more and help recommend a service to suit.

A formal agreement and schedule is set out including information on the insurance provided to you.

Time to get excited, what a relief, you can leave it to us now.

Work + Play

Step 2 | Plan

Sophie will work with you to create your wish-list.

Site visits are available (updated 20th May 2021)

Whilst we are beavering away in the background, ensuring all options and details are covered, you will receive regular updates adding to the excitement and control that you gain.


Step 3 | Build

If you have decided, for example, to opt for a furniture spacial plan we are on the end of the phone and available to go through the plans with contractors.

If you have chosen to ask us to support your project management, you are guided and supported with recommendations, visits and guidance through to project completion. You are in control and can make use of us as much or as little as you like.

Questions? Reach Out to Us