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Bathroom Project

The local shipping history was the inspiration for this bathroom. The old bathroom left to the new owners was extremely dated, unhygienic and causing damp.

First of all the damp walls were solved through stripping the wallpaper which was trapping the damp, then we painted these walls with a paint which is low in toxins, high in breathability. Through leaving an interesting texture to the lime plastered walls the large room maintained good acoustics and authenticity.

Local history is linked utilising shiplap woodwork which also hides pipes and aids ease of cleaning. Natural rope, cork, brass and timber warm up the greys and connect us with nature. These materials are all either biodegradable, renewable, local or long lasting.

The owners did not wish to spend much on this bathroom and therefore the budget was prioritised for longevity. Ellen Utley Interiors recommended investing in the working mechanisms such as high quality taps as well as the main features such as the pendant lights. Elsewhere creativity ensured that the project kept on budget.

This bathroom is timeless due to its link to the past with a minimal and neutral finish.

Bathroom Project