Sustainability comes as second nature to this company. From the office supplies to the timeless designs.

Sustainability saves the world, Design can save the world. From the planet that we call home to our own minds and bodies, responsible decisions are an obvious choice.

Having studied sustainability in depth we can advise on  Furniture Fixtures and Equipment decisions. The most suitable layout, lighting and more is advised with long-term practicality considered. The designs are made to last.

Ellen Utley Interiors have been recognised and awarded for practicing sustainable methods.

A few examples include use of natural recycled stationary in the office, little printing and remote meetings.

Product advice ensures clean healthy air and a clean conscience for our Clients. We offer advice on work ensuring the health of your property when relevant for example ideas around damp in a property. Lime plasters are advised for any property avoiding concrete and cement at all costs. Client's existing items are kept where possible and if not, we suggest selling for re-use. Suppliers are checked for locality. Where possible natural materials are recommended (responsibly sourced). As a last resort we look for a very long lasting item if it is not close-loop recyclable. Also recycled plastics are a last resort.  

And there is more! Through the consultations, layout, textures, objects and more we make you feel great. We make your home life a pleasure. This is sustainable for our mental health and more.

John Owens Installer I have worked with Sophie installing some of her really well designed kitchens so well designed in fact she has won awards. It’s been rewarding seeing these well designed kitchens installed and making happy customers would definitely recommend.

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